Increase Jio Speed 5mb/s - Global Apn Setting 100% Working Trick | Jio Speed Kaise Badhaye

Increase Jio Speed 5mb/s - Global Apn Setting 100% Working Trick | Jio Speed Kaise Badhaye

Jio Speed Increase - Global Apn Setting

The most used telecom operator after Airtel, is jio. Most of the indian users use Jio sim. JIO Launched it's 4G servic toes in 2016 and within one month 16-17 million users loved it so much.

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Increase jio speed global apn setting

 Because it was free at that time. All of us have great fun with this amazing telecom operator JIO. Increase Jio speed 5mb/s with Global Apn Setting.

In this article jio speed booster trick is discribed below. Jio apn setting which is known as global apn setting increase jio speed dramatically.

How To Check My Internet Speed

To check internet speed there are two methods. Both of them are works purely but the second one shows real time internet speed of  your telecom operator.

  • Method 1(Speedtest by Ookla) : To check internet speed of any telecom operator download Speedtest by Ookla. Simply Open Speedtest by Ookla and tap on 'GO'. This will connect to server of the network provider and shows the maximum speed of the operator in that area.
Increase jio speed global apn setting

Increase jio speed global apn setting jio

  • Method 2(Internet Speed Meter) : Interner Speed Meter shows real time network speed on your mobile's Status bar. You can download Internet Speed Meter Lite App from play store. Otherwise in latest android smartphone it can be found in setting. Go to Setting<Notification & Status Bar<Show Real Time Network Speed<Enable. That's it.
Increase jio speed global apn setting

Increase jio speed global apn setting

Why My Jio Internet Speed is Slow

When JIO started 4G services in India, It gives great speed. All we know that Jio speed is always between 2mb/s to 4mb/s in many areas. 

Because there are limited users available at that time. But now every second individual have a JIO sim. So the Jio speed becomes so slow. There is not plenty of towers for such amount of users. Especially in Villages areas.

From the review of current customers of jio sim it comes to know that Jio speed lacks down to 200kb-300kb /second. It is so sad thing. Because we are going to live in the ERA of 5G Network and our current internet speed is 200kb/s only.

For this Jio speed problem, this article is solution. In this article you will know the trick to increase JIO speed with Global Apn Setting which is 100% working in almost all areas tested.

How To Increase Jio Speed - Jio Speed Kaise Badhaye

At this time jio internet speed is very slow. It is only 200-300kb/sec. Jio users have problem while downloading files or watching online.

Here is a solution for slow jio speed. After applying this trick, jio speed will be increased to 5-6 mb/sec. This method is working for both android and Iphone.

To see difference please check your speed before applying this trick in Speedtest by Ookla. And after applying this method check further and tell us the difference in comment section.

πŸ‘‰Follow all the steps carefully to increase jio speed. Let's start.

Jio Apn Setting For Fast Internet:

  • Step 1 : Open setting of your mobile phone. Go to 'dual sim setting' or 'network setting' in android. For Iphone go to 'Mobile Data' Setting.
Increase jio speed global apn setting

  • Step 2 : Tap on Jio Sim option in android. For Iphone, scroll down and tap on Network Setting. You have to find Access Point Name or APN Setting.
Increase jio speed global apn setting

Increase jio speed global apn setting apn

  • Step 3 : On the top right corner tap on plus sign (+). In some android mobiles there is not any plus sign so you have to find 'New APN' option in your device.
Increase jio speed global apn setting new apn

  • Step 4(Important) : Fill the Apn setting as shown below

πŸ‘‰NOTE - Fill APN setting exactly as shown below. If there is upper case letter than you have to use exact that. Otherwise trick won't work. Blank fields means there is no  any change to do. Let them default.

Name : Global 4G LTE Internet     
APN : jio4G+
Proxy :
Port :
Username : Global.voLTE
Password :
Server :
MMS Proxy :
MMS Port :
Authentication Type : PAP
APN Type : default
APN Protocol : IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol : IPv4/IPv6
MVNO Type :

πŸ‘‰If your 'Bearer' setting not shows such option select only 'LTE'.

  • Step 6 : After applying this setting, save this apn. Now choose this APN and restart your device. Turn on data and test internet speed with SpeedTest by Ookla.
Important : If your jio internet speed become slow after one or two days later, then go again to your APN setting. Choose Default APN and then choose This APN again. Your Jio speed will be increased again.

Is this trick helpful for you, please tell us in comment section. Keep jioning us for latest updates. Till the time #MachateRaho !

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